I bill per 30 minutes for every 30 minutes started, however if work is completed in less than the estimated time as agreed when making the booking you will only pay for the actual time taken to the nearest full half hour. I will only charge you for the time I am actually working for you or whilst collecting materials. I will not charge you for break times, lunch time or whilst completing paperwork.

The first half hour of any new job will be charged at £20.
All half hour blocks after this on the same day are charged at £10.
If I need to return the following day the above applies unless I work over 5 hours in which case i will only charge you £10 per half hour block worked.

Parts/materials to undertake your job will be added to the bill at cost. Remember as a tradesman I will therefore be passing on the benefit of my trade discount to you.

Jobs outside a 10 miles radius of Southend on Sea will be charged at a very reasonable rate of 15p per mile for the round trip. Have you seen the price of petrol!

What you see is what you pay. There will no VAT added to your bill as I am not VAT registered (who wants to pay more money to the tax man anyway) you only pay for labour and parts & travelling (if required).